Iron is a mineral that is required by your dog’s body to perform important functions like carrying oxygen in the hemoglobin of red blood cells throughout the body so her cells can produce energy. Iron is also necessary for certain enzymes in the body to function normally.

There is no doubt about it…your dog needs this mineral! 

When a dog is deficient in iron, it can lead to anemia, which is a lower than normal number of red blood cells. Dogs can become lethargic, weak, and more prone to disease and illnesses. Yikes!

Some dog foods will add Iron Oxide or Iron Carbonate but these not great options for your dog. Adding fresh food with iron in them can be a great option and easy too!

Here is a list of three ingredients you can sneak into your dog’s bowl for an added iron boost!

#1 – Sardines

My favorite addition to my dog’s bowl. Purchase a can of sardines, which is inexpensive and convenient, and pop these babies into your dog’s bowl during his next meal. 

#2 – Egg

The yellow yolk is a great source of iron. When you are cooking up some eggs in the morning, why not add a raw egg yolk to his bowl? If possible, try to use organic eggs or local eggs from your farmer’s market. Avoid feeding the shell with commercial eggs due to industrial coatings on them. 

#3 – Liver

Organ meats, like liver, are extremely nutritious. Liver is also a rich source of selenium, vitamin A, and choline. 

Fresh food is the best option to keep your dog fit and healthy. Iron deficiencies can become serious for dogs or humans. 

Wondering if your dog is deficient in iron? 

A hair test is a simple, easy, and cost-effective way to take care of your pet’s health before a major illness occurs or worse.

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