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Veterinary Consultations

$105 (15-minute) or $299 (45-minute)

Dr. Tiffany is the owner and operator of Kingsfoil Veterinary Care and is a licensed veterinarian in the state of Colorado. Dr. Tiffany uses Veterinary Medical Acupuncture, Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine, Animal Chiropractic, Chinese Food Therapy, and Applied Clinical Nutrition to help your pet achieve true holistic health by solving the root cause of their symptoms and empowering you to become a partner in their health journey.

Diet Formulation & Nutrition Consultation

$275 (1 hour)

Traci has been passionate about both animals and nutrition for most of her life. She spent the first part of her career in data analytics and business intelligence but always prioritized time for volunteer work at animal shelters. She has filled many roles at animal shelters including surgery assistant, behavior evaluation expert, and socialization specialist. Eventually, she decided to retire from the corporate world and focus her time on her passion: pet nutrition. She formerly worked at Hero’s Pets with her mentor Chelsea Kent and is now providing private nutrition consulting services for pets that have various health issues including lymphoma, kidney disease, arthritis, thyroid conditions, etc. Traci takes a collaborative approach with her clients to ensure her recommendations fit into their lifestyles, budget, and individual needs.

She is a Certified Canine Nutritionist and a Certified Feline Nutritionist with both certifications earned from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences. She works part-time at an animal hospital to supplement her knowledge of animal health and wellness while she pursues her continuing clinical studies in pet nutrition. Her time at the hospital has allowed her to understand animal healthcare from a holistic perspective, and it has provided Traci with a great deal of compassion for everyone involved in the care of animals. Traci’s education also includes a Master’s degree in Analytics and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Outside of school and pet nutrition, Traci is active in several athletic activities including cycling, cross-country skiing, golf, and hiking. She is an aspiring fiddle player who loves playing Irish music. Reading is another favorite activity, and Traci loves science fiction, suspense, and inspirational stories. She lives in Eagle, CO with her husband Charlie who keeps her laughing, and their very cute dog Henry who keeps them on their toes.

Your raw feeding questions answered

$95 (45-minute support)

Chelsea Kent, Pet Nutritionist and Raw Feeding Specialist, answers your questions regarding raw feeding, ideal nutrition, raw feeding support and resources on your journey of feeding your dog raw.

In 2007, Chelsea Kent co-opened  Hero’sPets  in Littleton, CO, a holistic retail pet supply store that affords significant industry insight and provides the opportunity to see what’s currently important to consumers, manufacturers, reps, and distributors nationwide.

She has worked closely with Rodney Habib’s philanthropic non-profit, Paws for Change, and in collaboration with HRI Labs. She also works with Drs Barbara Royal and Natasha Lilly with the Royal Animal Health University and the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies. She has worked to implement laboratory analysis to determine nutritional adequacy and toxin load of popular commercially available pet foods; and to gain cohesive, structured, factual information about regulation, industry insights, company stories and more throughout the industry.

She is also the founder of FoodRegulation Facts Alliance, a stakeholder organization that represents retailers in government and regulatory settings. Specializing in Pathogen and Industry Regulation, she works in tandem with NGPFMA (Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association) and TruthAboutPetFood to change regulation, where needed, through government channels and educate retailers about regulation.

Writer, Speaker, Researcher, and Educator for organizations such as Hero’s Pets, RAHU, GlobalPets MagazinePet FooledMercola Healthy PetsWag Out LoudSuper Human RadioThe Raw EntrepreneurIt’s a Dog’s LifePawsitive Variety ShowKetoPet Sanctuary, Dogs NaturallyMagazineMile Hi Dog MagazineIVC Journal, Ambary Gardens, Pet Wellness RevolutionThe Groomer Next DoorDr. Andi’s World, and many more.

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