Raw Feeding Support with Chelsea Kent

Your raw feeding questioned answered.


Your raw feeding questions answered

$95 (45-minute support)

Chelsea Kent, Pet Nutritionist and Raw Feeding Specialist, answers your questions regarding raw feeding, ideal nutrition, raw feeding support and resources on your journey of feeding your dog raw.

In 2007, Chelsea Kent co-opened  Hero’sPets  in Littleton, CO, a holistic retail pet supply store that affords significant industry insight and provides the opportunity to see what’s currently important to consumers, manufacturers, reps, and distributors nationwide.

She has worked closely with Rodney Habib’s philanthropic non-profit, Paws for Change, and in collaboration with HRI Labs. She also works with Drs Barbara Royal and Natasha Lilly with the Royal Animal Health University and the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies. She has worked to implement laboratory analysis to determine nutritional adequacy and toxin load of popular commercially available pet foods; and to gain cohesive, structured, factual information about regulation, industry insights, company stories and more throughout the industry.

She is also the founder of FoodRegulation Facts Alliance, a stakeholder organization that represents retailers in government and regulatory settings. Specializing in Pathogen and Industry Regulation, she works in tandem with NGPFMA (Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association) and TruthAboutPetFood to change regulation, where needed, through government channels and educate retailers about regulation.

Writer, Speaker, Researcher, and Educator for organizations such as Hero’s Pets, RAHU, GlobalPets MagazinePet FooledMercola Healthy PetsWag Out LoudSuper Human RadioThe Raw EntrepreneurIt’s a Dog’s LifePawsitive Variety ShowKetoPet Sanctuary, Dogs NaturallyMagazineMile Hi Dog MagazineIVC Journal, Ambary Gardens, Pet Wellness RevolutionThe Groomer Next DoorDr. Andi’s World, and many more.

Knowing is better.

This is a simple and non-invasive way to discover if your pet is deficient in essential nutrients or has an overabundance of heavy metals in their body. A hair mineral analysis test reveals your dog’s minerals deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity. You will receive a full analysis from a veterinarian explaining the test results and action steps. We look for related symptoms like:

Digestion Issues


Lack of Joy

Weight Loss or gain

Itchy Skin

Poor Appetite


“Adding raw goat’s milk to Bella’s food has made such a difference. I can’t wait to try the other foods on the list. Thank you!”
Bella and Susan

“I was feeding my dog a diet too high in zinc. I would not have known this if it wasn’t for this test. I’m changing foods now.
Niko and Cara

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