Holistic Veterinarian Phone Consultation

Let’s chat about your pet’s health.

Holistic Veterinarian Phone Consultation

30 minutes – $175

Phone nutrition consultations are an ideal way to get the information you need about your pet’s health. Our holistic veterinarian is able to take the time to provide in-depth answers, from a holistic as well as conventional perspective. All consultations include a complete review of your dog’s medical history.

Promoting wellness is a major focus of our holistic veterinarian. Her goal is always to prevent problems, rather than treat them. From cancer to autoimmune disease, organ degeneration to allergies, and skin/ear disease, her approach can avoid or reverse many of the problems that pets deal with every day.

Her proactive health program assesses nutrition, previous health problems, genetic and breed risk factors, environment, and other unique aspects to identify health and disease potential. From there, her three-point plan is applied to support the body, strengthen the body, and avoid harm to the body.

Our holistic veterinarian’s practice encompasses a variety of treatment options. This is often called integrative veterinary medicine, which combines the best and most appropriate aspects of many forms of veterinary medicine. These include dietary therapy and nutritional support, herbs and nutriceuticals, chiropractic-like techniques, acupuncture, low-level laser therapy, and conventional Western medicine. This combination technique often allows for a faster and better resolution to the problem, as well as preventing future occurrences.

Save $70 when you purchase a blueprint test with your consultation ($250). After you purchase a phone consultation, then a History Form will be sent to you to complete. Our holistic veterinarian will reply to you to set up a time to complete the phone consultation.

Knowing is better.

This is a simple and non-invasive way to discover if your pet is deficient in essential nutrients or has an overabundance of heavy metals in their body. A hair mineral analysis test reveals your dog’s minerals deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity. You will receive a full analysis from a veterinarian explaining the test results and action steps. We look for related symptoms like:

Digestion Issues


Lack of Joy

Weight Loss or gain

Itchy Skin

Poor Appetite


“Adding raw goat’s milk to Bella’s food has made such a difference. I can’t wait to try the other foods on the list. Thank you!”
Bella and Susan

“I was feeding my dog a diet too high in zinc. I would not have known this if it wasn’t for this test. I’m changing foods now.
Niko and Cara

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