Goats, Garlic, & Freedom were the topics today on the Pet Wellness Revolution. Steve and Kathy walk us through the benefits of raw goat milk for dogs. Learn more about Ghost Dog Dairy and how you can strengthen your dog’s immune system to fight off chronic illnesses, itchiness and digestion issues. 

How many times have you heard of someone taking their dog to the vet and finding an unexplained tumor or growth?  Why is this so common?  Why do so many pets have allergies, skin and digestion problems?

Over time, a bland, dry, industrial diet will starve the immune system of even the most vigorous and healthy animals.  Modern veterinary medicine offers surgery and medication to combat these problems, but a natural diet is the real answer. 

Our farm is on a mission to save pets lives and improve their health.

Farm Dog Formula is a kefir meal topping made from fresh raw goats milk.  Added to a quality dry food, it works to enhance the immune system and improve digestion.

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