Could certain dog foods cause heart failure? Dr. Laurie DVM, a graduate of Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine with advanced training in nutrition, talks about taurine and DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy). Some breeds are predisposed to DCM but UC Davis has found a link with DCM and certain types of dog food: UC Davis article.

Why should you care about taurine? What is taurine anyway? Why is it in the news right now?

We talk about how you can identify if your dog’s food is deficient in taurine or not. We discuss what symptoms to look out for in your pet and when to go see your veterinarian. Some symptoms include lethargy, weakness, lack of energy, and perhaps a cough. Looking for natural and fresh food with taurine? Try chicken thighs (gently cooked or raw), dark meat, or sardines (in water or salt).

Dr. Coger mentioned several resources and we listed below. If you are feeding your dog a grain-free diet and you don’t know the percentage of taurine in your dog’s food, then this is the podcast for you. Be the best pet parent (insert dog snuggles here).

Dr. Laurie Coger
The Healthy Dog Expo – April 6, 2019
Taurine Deficiency in Golden Retrievers Facebook Group
Samples can be submitted to the UC Davis Amino Acid Laboratory for the taurine study

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