How can Chinese herbs help with spleen cancer in dogs? With Dr. Nancy Scanlan of the AHVMF.

Today we are talking with Dr. Nancy Scanlan, the Executive Director of the AHVMF. She has been the Executive Director of the AHVMF since 2011. She is past President, past board member, and past Executive Director of the AHVMA. She is a past AHVMA Delegate to the AVMA House of Delegates. Dr. Scanlan also is past president and former board member of the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association (VBMA). She is the founder of the California Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (CHVMA). She earned her doctorate of veterinary medicine at the University of California, Davis in 1970. In addition, she is certified by IVAS in Acupuncture.

The current cancer research study supported by the American Holistic Veterinarian Medical Foundation is being conducted by Dr. Erin Bannink. She is using traditional Chinese herbal medicine to treat dog with a common type of spleen cancer to prolong the canine’s lives. This is a nationwide study on dogs with canine splenic hemangiosarcoma, a disease mostly treated by removing the spleen after the tumor has ruptured and bled. The disease is aggressive in nature, and survival time after surgery is short, with most dogs living only two months afterward. Hear more about the research Dr. Bannink is conducting to help prolong their lives and how your pet could be part of her study!

NOTE: The audio is broken up a little at times but I didn’t want you to miss this one!

Enroll your dog in the spleen cancer study

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