Today we are talking with Gus Ray, President and CEO of Baycom Diagnostics. He has spent 10 years of research in academics and commercial settings. He holds an MBA from Florida State and former Director of Commercialization.

Today we are talking about the newest way to test for diabetes in canines called hemoglobin A1C. The hottest new way to easily detect diabetes in your pet. 

You can also visit us at ParsleyPet. Your dog can’t tell you if they feel sluggish, can’t see clearly, have a tummy ache, or just don’t feel as good as he used to.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a test that would give you a road map on exactly what that little guy needs? 

Now you can. With ParlseyPet, you can know exactly what foods to feed and what supplements to give to make sure you pet feels their best and lives their longest.  After all, what’s better than seeing your dog’s tail wag while they spin in a circle greeting you?  Or chase that ball just one more time. That’s

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