It seems as though the pet food industry is as ever-changing as the human food industry. Whether you are a veteran or first-time pet owner, there are always more things to learn and know about how to keep our furry friends safe and healthy. We have long-left the days of just giving them food and water in addition to yearly check-ups with the veterinarian. Pet owners of today must be particularly proactive and knowledgeable when advocating for their pet’s health and well being. If you have a dog, the following are things to consider when purchasing, feeding, and storing your dog’s food.

If you choose to feed your dog dry or moist conventional dog food, there are some crucial facts that every pet owner should understand before making a decision. If the choice is dry dog food, It is vital only to purchase small bags of food for your dog. This is because the smaller bags allow for the owner to use up the dog food before the standard 6-week freshness period has expired, and the food has succumbed to oxidation. This poses a danger to the dog because heavily oxidized food can carry a different chemical composition, which can lead to depletion of vitamins in the food as well as manifest into much more life-threatening conditions such as cancer, problems with the liver, and kidneys, and damage to reproductive organs. Similarly, Owners who opt for moist dog food should expect to deal with its own set of challenges despite having a longer shelf life to that of dry dog food. In cases where moist food is fed, it is essential to use the entire can within three days to avoid oxidation and decomposition.

Next, it is a good idea to consider how your dog’s food is being stored. Experts caution against the use of plastic bins and containers. This is because, over time, fats can collect on the container, which in turn oxidizes and spoils any new food that is placed in the container. In perfect conditions, the food should be stored at less than 70 degrees room temperature with less than 50% percent humidity.

All of these facts underscore the importance of a raw whole food diet and why its a much better option to maintain optimal health in our pets. As pet owners, we must provide our beloved animals with the most nutrient-rich lifestyle possible. The truth is feeding them items such as a variety of ethically sourced meat sources like beef, turkey, duck or chicken, organ meat, bone, even berries, and sweet potatoes will provide them with a long and happy life. It is important to note that proper raw food storage for pets is similar to that of a human. If you would like to learn more about transitioning to a raw feeding lifestyle, visit for more information.

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