When feeding our animals and even ourselves, we must be consciously aware of what the food is, where it comes from, and what food sources the animals we are feeding may have eaten. We no longer live in a time where obtaining meat sources for consumption is straightforward. Back in simpler times, gathering meat for your family was as easy as feeding an animal on your property, killing it, butchering it, and eating it. Now we find ourselves only focused, as a society, on mass production and hormonal growth.  Luckily, there is a group of people making a concerted effort to halt this shift through education and understanding the true science behind the industry.

To fully comprehend this shift, we must first understand the history that led us to this point and how modern agriculture has negatively impacted our animal sources for food. The reality of killing animals for human consumption has roots which date back over two million years ago.  Researchers explain that cattle are distant relatives of wild ox and were domesticated around 10,000 years ago. The breeding of goats and sheep began around 7000 BC for food. They also apparently originated from Mesopontine animals. In addition, pigs come from wild boar and were humanized about 6500 BC. The original chickens were wild foul in Asia and were originally tamed approximately 2,000 BC.  

As time has passed, researchers are always looking for new methods of producing more sustainably relevant animals. For instance, with cattle, scientists are currently working on a gene mutation that would produce a species that is particularly muscular and comparable to that of Belegian Blue cow. In terms of pigs, researchers are currently working on two different species of pigs that have twice as much muscle and built to resist Africian swine fever.  Lastly, the chickens of today are specifically bred to grow very rapidly and produce breast meat in large quantities. Even though this is a sign of progression in society, many people question if this is a positive change for society as a whole.

The raw feeding community is one such group that does not advocate this modern agriculture approach. Instead, they advocate feeding your beloved pets locally sourced, organic meat sources to provide a nutrient-rich diet. Learn more about how to achieve this transition by visiting Parsley Pet https://parsleypet.com/ for more information.

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