The Truth About What’s in Pet Food & Why It Matters with Susan Thixton from the Truth About Pet Food

Today we are talking with Susan Thixton, a Pet Food Consumer Advocate from Truth About Pet Food. 

She is a woman tirelessly fighting for fair labeling practices, discontinued use of unsafe raw materials, transparent ingredient sourcing, safer manufacturing & healthier processing techniques. She is not biased or paid by pet food companies. She is not influenced by any particular brand nor the latest feeding fad. Her efforts represent consumer concerns and she knows more about the horrors behind all the “bad” lists than we ever want to know. She writes about regulations and has her finger on the pulse of what is going on in the pet food world on a daily basis. She is truly an advocate for the consumer for safe pet food. 

We discuss the difference between HUMAN grade and FEED grade pet food. It’s eye opening and you might be shocked what you hear about what’s in your pet’s food bowl. 

Susan referred to many websites and the links are below.

DONATE to Truth About Pet Food and receive her Safe Pet Food List

AAFVCO – Association of American Feed Control Officials 

Report an issue to the FDA

Report an issue to your state Department of Agriculture

Taurine Deficiency in Golden Retrievers Facebook Group

ParsleyPet – in-home diagnostic testing kits and supplements for pets


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