Order received! Follow the instructions below.

Thank you for Purchasing the Nutritional Blueprint and 30 min consultation! You are an incredible pet parent for taking the next step to better health for your pet! Instructions are below for collecting and sending us your dog’s hair sample!

There is no physical testing kit.

All we need is 1 Tablespoon of your dog’s hair sent to us! It is very simple and painless, click on the above link for instructions and the important Intake form.

Everything is done digitally and downloadable please click on the link below for instructions and the intake form.

If you purchased multiple tests, then please put each dog’s hair in separate envelopes with their names on the front with the date that the hair was collected.

If you are sending us an intake form DO NOT put the intake form in the same envelope as the hair samples.

Once your dog’s report has been received from the lab and sent to Dr. Coger for analysis, we will send an email introducing you to Dr. Coger to schedule your appointment with her.

Once Dr. Coger receives the history form and medical records, she will reach out to you via email and provide a Calendly link to schedule your consultation. 

After the introduction, there are Two Simple Steps and a few details.

Step 1 –  Schedule your time with Dr. Coger by introducing yourself and sending a few times that are available for you.

Step 2 – Complete and Review the two documents

The two documents to review and complete before your consultation are provided below to make the best use of your time with her.

Dr. Coger is a practicing vet so her available times are best after 1 pm EST on Thursdays and Fridays. She is located in the Eastern time zone, and she will respond to any email after 4 pm the following business day.

You can learn more about Dr. Coger on her website at https://healthydogworkshop.com/about/